The right training for the job.

Our approach

to transport safety.


The management of Kinetic Transport Ltd. is vitally interested in the health and safety of its employees, contractors, visitors and the public. Our management and supervisors are responsible for and committed to providing leadership in our Health, Safety and Environmental programs.  They achieve this by establishing and implementing health, safety and environmental policies and procedures, and by providing proper training and equipment. We recognize that safety is a major part of everyone’s quality of life and strive to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all involved.

In addition to protecting lives our Safety Management System contributes to employee morale and pride as our employees and contractors are an integral part of the process offering feedback and input as required to achieve established safety goals and objectives.

In support of this, Kinetic Transport Ltd. will:


That practical safety, health and environmental programs are in place for all workers and contractors;


Activities to ensure operations are conducted in compliance with the applicable laws, regulations, industry standards and company policies;


Documented emergency response procedures that allow personnel to respond promptly and effectively to all emergencies;


Training and mentoring programs that ensure workers and contractors receive appropriate training, relative to their job functions;


Prior safety performance when selecting contractors, suppliers or other external services;


Identify and investigate promptly all hazards, incidents and environmental concerns;

Safety Training

Kinetic Transport is committed to providing our employees with the right training for the job to ensure proper safety while on the job. The minimum training standards set out by Kinetic for all employees is:

- H2S
- First Aid/CPR
- Cargo Securement
- Environmental and Wildlife Training
- Hours of Service

We also provide regular on going training to our employees including:

- Hours of Service (Log Books)
- Hand Signals
- Daily Vehicle Trip Inspection
- Fatigue Management
- Hazard Assessment
- Electrical Safety
- Fire Safety
- On the job training


Kinetic Transport Ltd. is COR certified through the Alberta Motor Transportation Association and is compliant with ISNetworld, and Complyworks.  All of our safety information can be accessed through the following websites;

We are a certified company whose employees are fully safety orientated, trained and ticketed to government standards. Kinetic Transport offers 24/7 service between Grande Prairie, Edmonton and Calgary. We specialize in the storage, staging and distribution of downhole tools, offering a unique opportunity for a quick and cost effective turnaround of tools. We provide a safe and reliable oilfield hauling service to many clients, and invite you to call us for your next oilfield transport job.